Yarn Bombing collaboration

Yarn Bombing collaborationThe yarn bombing continues to develop!.


Id gone on this amazing journey and had continued to experiment with the wonderful surreal world of yarn bombing.

Having strong ideas of how I wanted to develop this project , isn’t always a good way to work . My idea of a shop display with New Start didn’t materialise . There are only so many times you can email someone,  hassle them into giving you the opportunity to pull this of ,without them thinking your a mad crazy artist person being a pain. I decided to let it go for now.

I had strong ideas on filming with the crochet body suit, and was stopped in my tracks with data protection policies. something I had not considered at the start of the project, I have learnt a lot and this will be valuable to me in the future.

I’ve learnt that not all failings are a failure.


As my graded unit progressed ,and I continued experimenting with sculpture, the yarn bombing got put to the background for further development .

Very early into the graded unit , I had this crazy and very interesting conversation, with a fellow student and friend Evija Laivina at college, about a yarn bomb photo shoot.

I loved the idea at the time, and as we all got absorbed with our own projects, this as well got pushed to the back as we concentrated on our work.

During that time Evija entered a photography competition with lots of encouragement from myself and everyone who believed in her, and of course  she  won, The International Lens Culture student spotlight award. An amazing achievement that was well deserved . Evija has a vision with her surreal photography that I am so envious and mesmerised with. She’s bloody brilliant .


Once again the conversation came up , how about a yarn bomb photo shoot?? I have to admit, it didn’t take any persuasion for me to agree, I was curious to see how visually this would look in photography . This was exciting and I trusted Evija’s vision.

A collaboration was born.

One fine Friday midday, my back garden was now the  set for a scene in the magical world of Yarn bombing.IMG_0364-Edit.jpg

I have to admit it was nuts , crazy, but lots and lots of fun, Evija takes these images that look so detailed. But are so simply put together, or I should say Evija has the ability to make it look easy. She’s calm , and knows exactly what she wants visually and just gets on with it. There’s no stress, no running around, and no crazy posing for the camera.


we even managed a photo shoot with Cecil .

I had a lot of fun that sunny midday Friday, and as collaborations go , this one worked so well,

Two very different artists , using very different mediums, can produce something amazing, and there’s hope for more collaborative work in the future.

A brilliant  finish to the run up to the last couple of weeks of 2nd year BA hons degree.Yarn Bombing collaboration.   you can view Evijas blog here  http://www.evijalaivina.com


On the crest of a wave



Id been holding onto this piece of driftwood for  while, I wanted to make something that spoke, but what id wanted to say , I didn’t know at first so I held onto it for a while , finding this piece of wood on a road trip to the coast , my source of never ending inspiration.The trip had taken me to Aberdeen beach on a blustery sunny day, those kind of days by the ocean are the best.

This piece of driftwood had a story to tell, I had no idea how long it had been in the water or how long it sat on the beach front . The sea had left its mark as it washed over the wood , smoothing away the bark in places , whilst leaving the bark alone in others, the sea had even washed glass or pebble into it making it more interesting.

Gently sanding it down to give it a slightly polished feel made me nervous at first, I didn’t want to loose the textures the bark had left, but a gentle sand worked a treat and a light bees wax polish finished it of .IMG_4366[1].JPG

Id sketched an idea in my sketch book , This sculpture wanted to speak ocean. I wanted to make a wave out of plastic to highlight plastic pollution so had decided to experiment with that at first, cutting up a plastic bottle and knitting it.IMG_4170[1]This was a little difficult , and I didn’t like the way it looked, I then experimented with trying to melt it , I used a soldering iron and heat from a stove , I then went onto needle felt some wool to give it more of a wave look.MORG4762[1].jpg

As an experiment , this was ok but I felt it was a bit of a disappointment against the piece of wood .

I had a good idea as how I was going to approach the figure with the sketch I had previously done .

IMG_4161[1].JPGBut as I started to work on it , it developed into itself , and I quickly decided not to give it an identity, decided not to clothe it and give it arms , although my intentions were to have crossed arms it seemed to have a vulnerability without the arms and  the white wool worked well against the wood.GNWF0408[1].jpg

I played around with the plastic wave against the figure on the wood, but it just didn’t feel right.TDFF7210[1].jpg

It spoke to me , just as simple as this , what I was trying to say changed in the development, as I balance my life , or struggle to balance ,I recognise we all struggle with the balance of life.

Its a roller coaster ride, with major highs a lows, just like the waves rolling over and over in the ocean, but it continues to keep moving , just as we do in life, balancing it all in our daily struggles wishing we were on the crest of a wave.



Through process , changing family unit, time and  development , id thought about life in general , what happens to all I that I treasure when I’m gone ??? what happens to what we all own when we are gone??, our seas are already suffocating from all the plastic waste that we are all guilty of dumping and disregarding, what will be left for my grandson , his children , children’s children in the future? does anyone consider it or is that down to the overthinking creative people?

Id reflected on this question a lot over the months after the surprising arrival of my gorgeous amazing grandson, it brought me back to my earlier reflections and thoughts while I was going through my teenage years , I cared about this so much , motherhood had taken me to a very different place , were I had put all my energy into providing a childhood I had so much wanted, I concentrated in giving my children everything I possible could , and I’m guilty for concentrating on the materialistic demands as well as the quality time needed, yes id introduced them to their surroundings, introduced them to nature, id forgotten to show them how important it was to care for that as well, we now have a generation brought up in a disposable world , and the next generation and the generation after that will suffer from it dearly unless we try and rectify the damage that has been done .th

Id thought about this long and hard , I wanted to make a strong statement , shock sometimes can have a huge impact , people have seen images like the one above, but I think most of the time we don’t open our eyes to it, you only have to drive down the A9 and look, the amount of rubbish the lines the length of the road shocks me every time!


so I had decided I wanted to develop a sculpture idea id previously worked on, the hollow man , I wanted to make a human life size sculpture, representing , the passage of time , age and the hollowness, in death we are nothing, we are gone and we leave behind! what we leave behind effects the future generation, what we keep and treasure has no real value for the next generation.

The sculpture began to develop into its own , it was a slow process , with lots of thought process and problem solving along the way , my medium with this sculpture , although experimental worked with chicken wire as a frame with sheep fleece as skin , id experimented with different sheep fleece for texture, id wanted it to be dark , shocking to get the best impact possible with the materials.


The hands and feet were important for this sculpture , id worked hard trying to get as much detail as the material would allow me , it wasn’t easy.

we can live without our hands and feet , but those lucky enough to hold onto then till the end know that they are probably the hardest parts of our body , our hands are exposed to so much that we take for granted, mine have a million stories to tell , mine held my first born in his first minutes of life , they know what it feels like to feel new life , an experience that I never knew could over whelm me , my feet, my feet have walked thousands of miles , they have carried me forward, pushed me sometimes to my limit and then some, but we take this so much for granted, so the importance to get detail was so important.



Putting the sculpture together was a new challenge for me , adapting to the length of time I needed gave me the strength to allow it to develop with the patience needed to complete what I intended to achieve.FGUN9181[1] As it developed , id thought about incorporating a Zimmer frame with the sculpture to add to the impact of what I hoped to say, the sculpture wouldn’t stand as I had hoped so seating it in a yarn bombed chair was another option to go with, this made me think about the message I wanted to say , and I then thought about a suitcase , we all have baggage we carry , what happens to it when we are gone??ICGO7366

Id played around experimentally with materials and consciously used plastic bottles with yarn and rope discarded on the beach giving it a voice.

I want this conceptual art piece to speak out and impact the viewer to stop and think.

The yarn bombing journey continues


My journey continues to explore and question using the materials of  yarn and wool  . I always have this strong conviction to make some sort of statement within my work, am I unintentionally trying to soften the blow with the soft texture of wool??.Or am I pushing the soft texture outside the boundaries of expectation?.

I question a lot , and I don’t always find the answers, the product of being a creative over thinker, sometimes its good to be a seeker, it keeps you moving forward.

The next stage in my yarn bombing project, id wanted to make a body suit , a face less one, in pink , very girly, but not your typical stereo type, I wanted to make some statement , that’s its ok to be different , its ok to stand out from the crowd, my intention was to have someone wear the suit , have them walk round the doorway of the college, and film the reaction from the bystanders walking past , as an intervention the reaction was all part of the experience , id given a gopro to the person wearing the suit so I could get the view from the wearer as well as the overall view from area of the space we were filming in.

It didn’t go quiet to plan ,on the day of the shoot, the college reception was unusually quiet although we did get some interaction. we were then hit with data protection, something non of us were fully aware of at the time.DSC_0577

my intention was to make some sort of short film , documentary , but I’m going to have to rethink my approach with this project , for now  its a working progress and  still ongoing as I experiment and develop ideas from it.


my journey of yarn bombing

IXWB0813For part of my graded unit this year , I decided to push the boundaries further with yarn bombing , a developmental obsession that has me fascinated with endless possibility’s of what could be achieved ,my intentions are to grasps and change the viewers perception on the mundane disused, preloved, unloved, unwanted objects that we dispose of daily .


A third year student had suggested I contact New start , highland, a charity the helps people in the Highlands start up , they supply furniture and white goods to people struggling to start up on their own from donations.

with excitement I contacted them , this fell into the recycle route that I wanted to go down, also I really like what they stand for , I painfully remember how tough it was as a teenager , starting out in the real world without much to my name.

The fact that they pass on objects on to those that need rather than them ended up in a landfill site , has a beneficial impact on us all .

so my aim with the wonderful world of yarn bombing hopefully is clear to see, if I can change someone’s view towards a previously disregarded object into something that is positive , colourful , and brings a sense of community then I have achieved something fulfilling.IMG_312814900330_587355818115295_1318770533822207997_n

my statement of intention, graded unit 2017.

using  a variety of materials and processes, I firstly intend to bring life into unloved and disregarded objects using wool and materials in yarn bombing. this will allow my creativity and imagination to make a statement. allowing the viewer to consider the mundane objects differently. I intend to research other artists that have worked in this way, as an individual artist or as a community project.

using wool in a variety of processes, I intend to be experimental in my approach as I explore sculpture , whilst questioning mortality and what we leave behind I also intend to research other artists who use this approach to sculpture, and look at how sound insulation can be used along side the sculpture or sculptures.

I also want to approach the wool in paint form , experimenting with dyes and textures, exploring my surroundings and what inspires me , I intend to paint  needle felting seascapes , I am increasingly aware of plastic and rubbish being left behind and again this makes me question what is left behind when we are gone.

I intend to be experimental in my approach, although I have a strong idea of what I would like to achieve I intend to be open minded as I research further into this subject.

artist statement, graded unit 2017

As an artist, I’m captivated by textures and working with my hands.

I mainly use wool in various forms whilst using a variety of materials and processes in each project.

The process of transforming wool into a knitted garment has always fascinated me. While the repetitive nature of this work frees my imagination providing opportunities to turn mundane objects into colourful yarn bombed pieces of art. Conscious of how disposable a nation we have become my aim is to bring new life into unloved objects.

Exploring wool in different methods and processes right back to sheep fleece before its spun and dyed allows experimentation with the textures for sculpture whilst allowing me to explore, experiment and express my ideas on mortality and what we leave behind when we are gone.

Using these two very varied developments allow me the opportunity to make a strong statement in what I want my art to say.

Often inspired by the beach and the freedom of the sea, I use the natural wool experimenting with dyes to colour the wool ready to paint with in needle felted seascapes, that surround me, as I visit these places that inspire, I am increasingly made aware of the plastic and rubbish left behind or washed up on the beach, and again this questions my own mortality and what is left when we are gone.